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How to work kindle fire hd operating system version?

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Novel Adventurer

Hello friends,




                            I am glad to join this community and want know. How to work kindle fire hd operating system version?





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Novel Voyager

I can't seem to open my kindle Skype

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Casual Tourist

With this new skype update, my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is now not able to update and run skype! Skype was one of the main features that I was looking forward to with my kindle!!! Is there a way to get Skype to still be supported on my device? And, if not, will there be in the future? 

I feel like I bought a product, was able to use it for a few months and am now losing a huge part of its functionality on a whim! 

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Novel Tourist

I am having the same issue with mine.  I am hoping they decide to fix this as we use this to skype while my spouse is deployed and to keep in touch with family back in the states since we are stationed overseas.  This is exactly the reason we chose to get the kindles in the first place.

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