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how to reactivate microphone on iphone for skype phone calls

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I accidently selected no when asked "do you want to allow skype to access your speaker"

How can I reactivate my microphone, I can call but the other side can not hear me.


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iOS 7 has a privacy setting that controls access to your microphone.  It can be found under:


"Settings" - "Privacy" - "Microphone"


There you will see Skype and other applications, if you disabled it you will need to move the slider to enable it.


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HELP!!!  My skype was working fine until I received a call from my husband today who is in Afghanistan and suddenly he couldn't hear me.  I noticed that the line was through the mic symbol - I pushed the button but nothing happened.  I have checked the settings, signed out, re-installed on my phone and the mic symbol still has a line through it and no one can hear me.  I really need my Skype to work so I can speak with my husband.


Please help :-(

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Skype does not show up in the privacy part of settings and has never requested access to my iphone 5S microphone as far as I can remember. It used to work fine but for some reason  the microphone icon on the screen has a line thru it and I can't seem to change that. The video is fine, so people can see me but not hear me.  Can you help?

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I hope thing work thank u
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what do you do if skype DOES NOT show up in the privacy/microphone screen??  even after deleting and reinstalling, it's not there to turn on!


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If you reinstalled it and were never asked to enable it and it does not show up, then there is not much that can be done to resolve the issue.  The only remaining option is to backup any important information (which may already be in the iCloud) and reset your device to factory defaults.  This should essentially resolve the issue by purging everything.  You can then reinstall Skype and the issue should be resolved.

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Did anyone help you? My husband is in Korea and I'm having the same problems
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No, sorry...In fact, I even forgot about this posting, because I switched to facetime.  I know that doesn't help if both sides aren't apple.  You could also try google chat, I think that's also video and sound?



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That's a good idea! I'll try that. And yep he is stubborn and hates the iPhone!
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