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My microphone doesn't work no matter what I try

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I've done all the tests plus downloaded the beta version of Skype. No matter what I try, I can't get my microphone to work. Highly frustrating! I have a Toshiba laptop on Windows Vista. I don't know who can help me with this. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you very much.

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If your mic was working fine on previous versions of Skype and is working fine in other programs (such as Windows Sound Recorder or other communication software) then try this solution I've posted on another thread:


I had similar problem. It looks like in new Skype "Automatic mic control" option breaks stuff.


I resolved this by manually deleting the "Skype" folder that contains user settings:


C:\Users\your_profile_name\AppData\Roaming\Skype (in Win7)


After that you run Skype, provide login and password once more (since old profile was deleted). Go to audio options and DO NOT USE automatic volume control on your mic, as it will break things again and you will have to repeat whole thing.

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Thank you very much for your answer. Do you know what? This is really embarrassing but I discovered that I didn't have a mike to begin with. No wonder! I have a built-in webcam on my laptop and just assumed that there was a mike in there too. So out of a hunch, I decided to take the chance and bought a little mike and plugged it in and everything works fine now. I couldn't be the only one with that problem could I? So hopefully this may be able to help some others with the same problem who are not so computer savy like myself. Thank you once again. I hope this gives some laughs to others. Have a great day!

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To be frank I never heard of laptop with camera and without a mic. Can you tell me your exact model number? You can test it by going to windows recording devices (after you disconnect your new mic) then eanble all disabled devices and see if there is a metter active when you talk. If something is moving, then you got your built-in mic.

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Hello, thank you very much for your message. Today I moved in with my brother who needs my help and am not in the same place as my computer for the time being and so I cannot easily send you the serial number you asked for. I'm sorry about that. What I can tell you is that I made all of the standard tests before purchasing the mike and the mike meter didn't move on any of the tests I tried. If I'm able to do so, I'll try to get the serial number for you but if I don't get back to you right away with this info. you'll understand why. Thanks very much once again.

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No problem - that was just more of curiosity, because I wanted to check specifications of this laptop. Most important thing is that your new mic is working fine

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what if i dont have windos 


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I saw your reply and was hopping you may be able to help me out.


I have an internal mic in my Lenovo laptop. 

Lately I have encountered a weird phenomenon I am not able to solve.


My mic does not perform at all during Skype sessions (or when I try to connect to the “Echo / sound test service”.

Nevertheless, my mic generally works on other apps, and when I look at the audio bar in “ options->audio settings->microphone”, I can see green movement in the bar, as well as  when I run test (without opening a session) via  the “Call quality information button-> mic tab” - adjust microphone setting “ area)


I couldn’t find any relevant parameter or explanation.

Please advise!


Many thx


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What device do you see selected as your Microphone in Tools -> Options -> Audio settings? Is there more than one option available in the selection box?

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Hi I was reading your reply and I dont have the same problem that you said. I use an apple earplug and I didnt even hear anything in the first place. Is there a problem because I use a Windows 8 Computer and Im using the Windows 7 version of skype. Can you please help me with this issue.

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