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using blue yeti microphone with skype question

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I just bought a blue yeti mic to use with skype. The other person can hear me fine

but I cant hear him. All tests checked out fine on both ends. Then I saw the headphone jack on the bottom of the yeti mic. Question: do I have to have headphones on and plugged into the yeti headphone jack in order to hear someone, or is there a way to use the yeti and hear the other party without using headphones?


Thanks for any replies!

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I briefly googled your issue and came up with this:


It may be worth a read, as it sounds like you may need headphones unless you're willing to mess around with your computer's audio functions.

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I just tried to do the same thing -- use my big, expensive Blue Yeti mic on a Skype call, but I also had my headphones plugged in. The person I called could hear me, but I couldn't hear him through my headphones, so I simply took off the headphones and listened to him through the computer. This call was recorded as a podcast interview, so I'll have the opportunity to tweak the sound, but I'm wondering if the headphones should be jacked into my computer rather than into the microphone. Anybody know?

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The headphone jack in the Blue Yeti is a monitor - it will allow you to monitor the audio you are "recording" - but won't be much use on a Skype call.


During a Skype call - if you want to use your Blue Yeti (good call by the way - awesome mic!!) - you should use your computer's headphone jack to listen to your inbound audio (to listen the person you're in a call with). 

Use the headphone jack on your Yeti to monitor your own audio when recording a podcast or voiceover.


Hope that helps,



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Thanks! This is what I suspected, but it's good to get confirmation. I'm loving the Blue Yeti mic. It works great.

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I tried using the Yeti in a skype call while listening to the other party through my laptops speakers. The other party complained badly that he hears his own feedback/echo. Solution? (besides headphones)

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