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using Kinect as a webcam

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I am working on a project using skype API and i want to interface kinect for windows sdk to communicate with skype, as there is no support for kinect in skype some guys


made their own support using openNI but it doesnot support windows sdk.


so are you planning to release the support anytime soon or is there anything i could do to enable the kinect for skype, like the direcshow filters ?

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Novel Adventurer

I create solution in C#/.NET 2.0, binary files you can find at it works on Kinect SDK 1.6 and on new Skype . Do you think it is usefull?

Novel Adventurer

I created solution in C#/.NET 2.0, binary files you can find at it works on Kinect SDK 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and on new Skype and Skype for Desktop as well :happy:.

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