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bluetooth headset not compatible with skype?

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Novel Tourist

Pls help, bluetooth headset works fine with music,videos,locals calls, but not with using the latest version of skype for android, cant use my bluetooth headset, it  works while ringing but upon answering skype call it goes automatically back to loudspeaker.. pls help

Samsung note 10.1    samsung hm1700       



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Community Ambassador

I wish I had a simple solution for you.  I don't have a compatible Android phone to test it out. This may just be an ongoing issue for whatever reason .   The resolution may be to either try a different or earlier release (if at all possible) or perform a few steps to effectively "jury rig" it to work.  If the phone has the ability to control AD2P (music mode, etc.) or other advanced features, see if you can disable them as some of these other Bluetooth modes may make it difficult to auto switch to a mode compatible with Skype.  Ringing can fall under the music category but mic/headset functionality is a different Bluetooth mode all together.  So it's not really an issue of can it work as opposed to this ability to auto-switch when Skype requests Bluetooth access and effectively the interface acts like it's "already in use".  It's easier for the phone to do this because it's native, whereas Skype as a 3rd party app has to ask for it possilby getting denied for whatever reason.  Some people have engaged Bluetooth after the call was started and it switched over.  That really doesn't resovle the seamless issue, but it may work.  You can check out this older feedback thread and see some solutions others have tried.  You may also want to post this same issue there to add to the feeback pile.


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I'm having the exact same problem with the same samsung device on my iPad! So frustrating! Have you had any success or found a work around?

Novel Tourist

I have the exact same problem with Skype when I use my Note 2

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