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anyone using a gopro for a webcam?

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I'm curious if anyone is, or knows how to use a GoPro camera for the video/audio feed during a skype call?



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No I have not, but the stream format isn't native and requires a conversion as well as a virtual driver to interpret it (Manycam).  You check out this page someone made covering what software they used to accomplish the task with the Hero 3.

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I have seen a go pro use wifi to trasment to a pc or mac but there is a five sec. delay. which can be very annoying in a call or a stream. I think you can also do it with a HDMI but I do not know. I have the same question .


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NEW DEMO: (2015/02/07) GoPro HERO4 as webcam for skype / google hangouts......application 1. SJ4000 is like GoPro Hero 3+ . 2. SJ4000 is as usb webcam for MAC livestream application. eg : MAC SKYPE, MAC Facetime, MAC google hangouts. google hangouts ...
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I had try Gopro Hero4 + usb2.0 uvc hdmi grabber card
it can work on MAC SKYPE without driver install.
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puedo usar la gopro 


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Yes it's possible. GoPro can be used for both live streaming and as a webcam for skype or other IM. I have compiled a step by step guide on my website:



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