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Skype stopping sound card

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I recently upgraded to a new laptop with windows 7. I tried to skype someone but when the call was answered either by herself or by me, skype suddenly told me that my sound card could not be found? 

I checked afterwards and before making a call again, to be told that my speakers were working fine and as was my mic. After watching a few videos on youtube, I concluded that my sound card was fine and made a skype call. Again, skype told me only after the call was answered and the sound disappeared, that it could not find my sound card.


Are there any known solutions to this, as it only happens when I am on a skype call? 

  • no mic
  • no sound card
  • no speaker sound
  • sound
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It's more than likely the sound card drivers you have installed, possibly the generic Microsoft ones, don't suffice.  What's the model of your computer/onboard sound device?

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