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Skype phone stops receiving calls

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I have recently purchased a GE 31591GE1 cordless Skype phone with the one year subscription and I have also set it up with a Skype number and voicemail so that I can receive calls on it as well as make them.


The only issue that I have had so far is that it looks like the phone stops receiving calls every now and then. What happens is that if I call my Skype number from my cell I get immediately directed to my Skype voicemail instead of hearing the phone ring.

First I thought that the phone might be sporadically logging out but on the phone display the status still says "Signed in" and I can still make calls (just can't receive them).


The issue goes away if I sign out and back in on my Skype phone. I am not sure if this is a hardware issue or if it is a Skype connection issue.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


Thank you.

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I'm seeing a the same issue using the windows client, after a period of being singed in (I'm not sure how long) I'm unable to recieve calls, to the point that I get an email alter that I've got new voice mail, and the app doesn't show that I've even missed a call untill I restart it.


The issue also seems to affect the ability to recieve (and possibly send?) chat messages, which all seem to get queued untill after I restart the application.


I've been wondering if it's some kind of router/firewall related issue as it "seems" that skype is able to see out of the network (it shows as online still) but isn't recieveing incomming notification, but I don't know enough about what kinds of traffic skype deals with and I've not had the time to really look into the problem as yet.


What kind of firewall/router/localnetwork setup are you using?  I'm running a linux based router/firewall (it's my office location) and use an IPTables based firewall running the conntrack based extensions tho I don't have and UPnP stuff setup.  I'd be interested in comparing what your setup is to mine.




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Just a quick follow up, I was looking around and it seems this problem (skype incomming calls going direct to voice mail) is quite wide spread and has been going on for some time, there's a thread with no resolution here that was started in March

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I have a Netgear WNR3500L router set up with the default firewall configuration. Other than that I don't know much about routers. I have the box of the Skype phone plugged into it via ethernet port. This is my home setup and it's pretty much it. It looks like the UPnP is enabled in my router settings.


Thank you.

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O had the same problem.  Turned out that that om the privacy tab inder Skype options that I nad the "block numbers when the phone number is hidden" tab checked.  I would see if this solves your problem!

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