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Skype phone GE 31591

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Hi all,


Just got this phone yesterday.  Two questions:


1.  I can see how I can change the status, but I see no option to change it to invisible, is this not available on the phone?  Any ideas why?  I want to be online but not shown so I can receive calls


2.  Any ideas how I can change the config settings so it goes to voicemail after XX seconds?



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Reliable Adventurer

Hi deepandmeaning,


To answer your questions:


1.       Invisible is not a status available on the GE phone2.      


2.    After the latest firmware update, calls should go to voicemail after 30 secs. This is not adjustable.


Hope this information is helpful!


Best regards,


eBuyNow Support Pro

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I just found out that I can't get my GE 31591 to go to voice mail unless I set it to "off line".  Then the voicemail goes as it should.  But what if I just can't get to the phone to answer or if I forget to set it to "offline"?  It just rings and rings.  Then if I do remember to set it to "offline" and go away. When I return and forget to set it to "online"  I don't get calls!!  That is just about as stupid as I can imagine.  What a useless thing.


Please someone tell me that I am not doing something correctly and how to get it right.  If I am correct then, who designed such a mess?


Also:  I see everywhere the reference to "Firmware update"  But nowhere do I find a link to get it or a place that tells how to do it.    If I sound a bit frustrated I must apologize but I just spent 4 hours researching the manual that came with the phone and online.  I found untold numbers of dissatisfied customers but NO help. Can someone actually respond to all these requests for resolution to what should be a simple issue?


Thanks in advance if anyone can lend a hand and some useable advice.




Novel Adventurer

Hi there,


I just got the GE 31591 and have not encountered the issue you have with status and voicemail, so I cannot help you with that, sorry.


If the software or firmware needs updating, you will see triangular icon with an exclamation point inside it at the top of the LCD display. 


Probably most phones will a need firmware/software update on arrival as mine did.


You can find the upgrade function under Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Software Update. Select Check for Update and confirm Yes if an update is required. 


The udate was straightforward for me and took just a minute or two to complete.


I hope this is helpful and that you have good results.

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Dear GE users, can You please confirm (or deny) that Your GE phone is compatible with Instant Messaging (IM)? I mean - I know it most likely cannot receive the whole message body or create and send the IM, but the specification says that on GE display there is "an indicator of incoming message". is that really IM incoming message indicator? Thanks! Vojtek
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