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Skype can't access my webcam.

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Hi, I'm running Skype on a new Dell Laptop (Alienware m14x) with windows 7 home premium, and it worked perfectly fine for the first two days. Now whenever I try to make a video call, I get the following message: "Skype can't connect to your webcam. Close any applications that may be using your webcam."

So I open my task manager, and there are no other applications running other than Skype at the time, nothing that would be using it under processes either. I have deleted, uninstalled, and reinstalled Skype, and still no luck. (And also restarted my computer numerous times.) I am at a complete loss, I cannot find any program that might also be using the webcam anywhere on my computer.

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Mine was the same way.  I did get it to work finally with an external usb webcam. But all of the sudden it won't allow for video only Audio.  I've tried everything to fix the problem. I even restored pc to see if that would help and nope, now my internal webcam isn't being detected at all by any program.  Under call the Video option is in grey and not able to check settings, etc.  I'm running windows7 on a Lenovo G575 pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  God Bless.

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Go into Control panel . "add/delete programs" and look for "facebook video calling..exe" and delete it. A facebook update competes with the webcam and does not allow Skype to access the camera even when you are not connected to facebook

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this has been an ongoing issue since 6.5. Skype has just released a new version which fixed the problem on my machine. See post at

or download here:

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Have same problems as above members. Mine is window 8. After 2 days of using skype, I cannot get access to webcam.

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same 8...bought cam cam is in says it's Skype's built by Microshaft so i guess that should have been my first clue to stay away for the **bleep** thing....although i can access cam in other programs...and troubleshooter says it works..only the built in mic works in picture...i have had so many issues with skype..i need to get away from even using it!..SKYPE was taken over by Microshaft and has been down hill since! **bleep**





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I'm not sure what camera you have but the Skype certified Microsoft LifeCams I have work just fine.  If you are running Windows 8.0 you may have to use Windows 7 drivers.  If however you are running Windows 8.1, then the latest 8.x drivers should work fine.

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I'm using a Samsung laptop with windows 8.1. My skype app can't seem to have access on my laptop's webcam. Please help.

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I cant access my webcam on my skype please help me

i need your answer to my problem..I have an acer laptop



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Please,  run the DirectX diagnostics tool.


Go to Windows Start  and in the Run box type dxdiag.exe and press the OK button. This will start the DirectX diagnostics program. Run this diagnostics and save the results to a file. Please, attach this file to your post.


Be aware that you will have to zip this file before attaching it here.


P.S. Because file attachment is not allowed on this Hardware forum, you will have to make your post on Windows forum.

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