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Skype 5.5 doesn't see working Integrated Microphone Array

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Casual Adventurer
Skype 5.5 seems completely functional, except... that it doesn't work with the Integrated Microphone Array on my HP 18" dv8t laptop running Windows 7. Checking the Sound/Recording applet, the microphone array is working perfectly, and is set to be the default device. This device shows up in Skype in the list of available microphones, but no sound comes through. This used to work! I'm in Nepal right now on a trip, and just before leaving, I unplugged a Logitech HD Web Cam, with microphones, and I'm wondering if the software for this device is somehow messing things up. Skype was uninstalled and reinstalled, with a reboot in between, but no joy, it still doesn't work with the microphone array. Got any ideas?
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Using the main Skype program window menu, please do:


Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings


Please make sure that both the basic and advanced settings have the same and proper audio devices selected. If you make any changes while in the basic or advanced windows, please click the "Save Button".


Do you have all Windows updates and updates to your system and any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

If this is a USB device, please unplug it and plug it back in while Skype is running. Then go to your Audio devices in Skype and check both the basic and advanced pages, once the proper devices are selected, please click the "Save" button. If this did not help, please see the below:

Please also see these:

If you are using WIN7 please see this:


Note: the above link has 2 pages so please view them both.


Also, you can use the Skype client program window at anytime and do:


Hellp -> Call Quality Guide -> Sound Check Wizard


A new version has just been released September 1, 2011:

Please download from here and when prompted click the open or run button:


This new version is to check what version you have, using the main Skype client window please do:


Help -> About Skype


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Casual Adventurer

Hi! Thanks for the detailed response. The problem is that the integrated microphone array works perfectly, from the perspective of Windows control panel sound/recording devices applet, so we know all the drivers, etc., are installed. Windows 7 is updated a few times a week, so that's OK.


Skype sees the integrated microphone array, no problem, but no voice comes through regardless of the various settings. So this isn't really a sound quality issue, it's a no sound at all. The forum isn't letting me insert a screen shot of the Sound/Recording applet, but this shows the Integrated Microphone Array as the default device and with several bars of sound amplitude.


I"m running 5.5.0117, and this all used to work very well a couple of weeks ago, which would have been on a somewhat earlier build. How can we escalate this to Skype technical support?


Thanks so much for your help...

Casual Adventurer

BTW my guess is that there's some kind of configuration file that's gotten scrambled. When installing the new version of Skype just now, it picked up my old settings for IM font size. Are these stored locally on the computer, or in the cloud? If they're stored locally, then perhaps we need to delete the configuation information and start again.


What do you think?

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I have heard that when using some array microphones that Skype can only see the first one.

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Casual Adventurer

Any other ideas out there? Still doesn't work... No help from tech support...

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Novel Tourist

Hey Digital -- I have the exact same problem with my brand new HP pavilion dv6t. The integrated mic works perfectly well with video chatting on other programs, such as gchat, but absolutely no sound goes through on Skype. Everything you've described is exactly my problem down to a T. Any help out there?

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Novel Adventurer

Thank you!, I have resolved my mistake running W7-64. I have unplug and plug it back in while Skype is running. The problem has been solved successfully.


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