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RTX dualphone 3088

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Hi all,

I was browsing through the messages related to this specific hardware but could only find a partial solution for my problems.

I have a base station + dual handset RTX 3088. I had two distinct problems:

1) one of the handsets simply doesn't produce any sound (keys, ringtones, etc)

2) the other handset seems to be working fine, but sporadically, when off the base it simply powers off.

To solve number (2) a simple battery replacement seemed to do the trick. I'm still trying to solve number (1). A new RTX 3088 (single handset) seems to come with a new base station, which I don't need. Will this phone work with my existing base station?
I was wondering if someone can confirm this.

Also, Skype doesn't seem to sell this older model ( RTX 3088 ), they're now pushing the 4088. Can I get one of those? I.e. will it work in my existing dualset scenario?


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Novel Tourist

Hi zemariacp,


the RTX 3088 is also available as handset only. For example here:

It will work fine with your existing station.


I am also interested weather the 4088 handset will work with the 3088 station.

Is anyone here to give us an answer on that?




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Community Ambassador

I personally don't think so, but one never knows.  You might want to pose that question to their support and see what they have to say.

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Novel Adventurer

Can someone tell me what voltage AAA batterys will keep my rtx3088 alive, i just got some new .rechargables AAA ,but my phone still powers off when i take it off the cradle.  The voltage on the new AAA  batterys is 1.2v x 2.    I have checked them with a meter and they are full power.

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Casual Adventurer


The 4088 takes:


AAA; rechargable; type Ni-MH; 1,2V; 600 MAH


Hope this helps.  I would imagine the 3088 and 4088 would take the same size

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Many times the batteries supplied by the manufacturers just meet the requirements, they are purchased in bulk and are either of low quality or dying by the time they reach you.  Standard non-rechargeables are 1.5V.  The NiMH AAA batteries used in most rechargeables are 1.2 Volts.  While Volts are important, Amperage (Current) is just as important.  Even if the Voltage is fine, the current may not be.  Make sure the batteries you purchase are NiMH AAA @ 600mAH or above.  You should be able to find Rayovac, Philips, Energizer and Duracell at your local store ranging from 800-1000+mAh.  The higher the current rating the longer the charge time (minus) and talk time (plus).  You may want to clean the contacts in the battery compartment with some alcohol or electric contact cleaner to ensure there isn't and battery acid or other residue impeding the flow.


Some NiMH batteries come pre-charged, but they still sit on the shelf and lose power, to ensure the batteries are at their peak you can always charge them in a separate slow/trickle charger for around 12 hours or let them charge in the base station for at least that long as well.  I do not recommend quick charging them.

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Novel Adventurer

I have NiMH AAA @ 1000mAH ,but still power only for a short while,on fully charged batteries.

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Generally speaking it can only be the batteries, the charger, or the handset itself.  If you believe the batteries are good  and you already tried charging them in a separate charger, then the only thing left is the handset itself.  If the handset is not corroded from any acid then the phone may have developed some weak solder joints or there is some other defect (possibly a bad onboard capacitor or other power component). I personally drop my normal phones from time to time and I have yet to break them.  I'm not confident an RTX device could stand up to the same abuse.

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Casual Adventurer

3088 & 4088 are I'm led to believe are not interchangeable as the charging voltage is different but I see no reason you can't pair them both to the same base or if it doesn't work use 2 bases, you'd just need 2 network ports and mains sockets.


Apologies if stating the obvious:


The tones - have you checked through to see if they're set and the volume is up ?


Additional handsets come with just a charging base not the main unit. You can pair if I remember rightly 4 handsets to one unit.


Hope that helps.



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Novel Adventurer

Good day,


Have read the posts regarding the battery etc... I am facing the same problem... so something else must be wrong with these phones.... and by looking at the posting it is not the contact or anything else but possibly these phones are programmed for a short life only ???



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