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RTX Dualphone 3088 Problem

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Casual Adventurer

Wow what a relief. I thought I was the only one having this issue. Good to see it's not isolated and everyone else is having same issue.


Problem started from yesterday. Suddenly could not sign in to Skype from the phone. All day and even now still can't sign in. Tried resetting device, rebooting router etc etc still nothing.


Crazy. I am trying to install 245 firmware to see if that resolves the issue, stay tuned.

Novel Adventurer

Problem signing in this whole evening - managed too get in once after unpluging everything inclusing ethernet cable but later it started showing connecting all the time again but contacts were still viewable. Something not good. Please post when Skype fixes this.


I alos have a handset which owers off sometimes when i press a button or pick it up - it is definately baterries because when i put same bateries into another handset the problem transfer to it without fail. The batteries are from maplin - big shame they overcharge you for such a bad quality things.

Casual Adventurer

downgraded to 245 firmware and still nothing, cant sign in...

Novel Adventurer

same here. Tried downgrading to 245 then back to 250, reset, everything off for an hour still nothing.

Windows PC works fine just the RTX3088 doing it (both handsets)


This appears to be a Skype problem as it is effecting so many people, wonder if it has anything to do with MS owning Skype and RTX phone not using Windows :-)


Casual Adventurer

just engaged in a live chat session with Skype Support


they are aware of the problem and are working hard to fix it ASAP


Pedrito R. says,
I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware of this problem and are working hard on fixing it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.
It's also an issue with other handsets too not just the RTX
Casual Adventurer
Casual Adventurer

I reported yesterday 12th March that the 3088 was ok, well I am afraid it's not. It's still messing around, as I live in Spain I rely on this 100% for my long distance calls, there is still something wrong. It has worked but only intermittently. I am sure somebody is working on this but it has not been working now 1 Day.

It did log on briefly this morning but again not working.

I really don't know what update has been done but it needs to be undone quickly and only updated again when the update has been tested.


Not good enough, come on Guys sort this out please 



Casual Adventurer

Hi all,

If its any help I got the following eMail from RTX about the problem


Please be informed that Skype users in certain regions may have sign-in problem using Dualphone 3088.  Skype is currently checking their servers.  And we are waiting for their further update.

You can click this link to view Skype’s announcement:


Best regards,

Canny Chan

Customer Support Officer

RTX Products Hong Kong Ltd


Let's all hope this gets resolved quickly, otherwise compensation from Skype ???

Casual Adventurer

Hi All from Sunny Spain.

Time 15:04 hrs Date 13th March my phone is able to make calls, it's missing balance and call history so we are getting somewhere. Thanks to who ever is sorting this.


Novel Tourist

hi can i ask rest  the rtx on reset whent through all the motions then came to sign into skype using the correct name and password and just says unable to connect.


tried to update firmware unable to connect how do you reset to previouse date ??

any help apprecaited

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