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RTX DUALphone 4088.

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Do you stillhae the problem. I know its a bit tricky. but i got good support from RTX, If you neet. i can send you the instruction. I have got 2 of them and they work nicely. I love them, because have the possibility to use through skype or by fix line. But the start maybe a bit difficult.

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I dont agree with you. I admit, it was not too easy to connect the two handsets with the base but after contacting the support, they helped with expertise and the dualpbones work perfectly. I am very satisfiex with the phones and the support.
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My problem with Rtx is that the base station worked for 10 hours only. Seems like is not powered. A really bad product. Obv, i checked out if everything was connected.

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I had exactly the same issues with the base. It worked for the first 10 hours or so and then stopped indifinetely. I quickly figured this out as I was a happy customer of their previous 3088 phone. I was so upset thinking 4088 was simply poorly executed. I have contacted RTX and they told me to contact the seller as the product was new. I contacted the seller and sent the product back, while he replaced it. The new, replaced 4088 works flawlessy for more than one year already.

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Hope I'm wrong but both of my 4088 stoped working today . I read as of 8/14/2014 they are no longer supported by Skype !

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Where did you read this? 


If so I'm going to be very angry! I bought this THROUGH skype's website originally! Its not even a year old. 

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Didn't read it on any 'official source' just from different post on various forums.
But now 24 hours later as is well and working again, so"no longer supported" is unfounded.

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Oh my lord, what a goings on...


I have had my skype phone for over a year, and it disconnected from the base when I was moving furniture and unplugged both for an hour or two.  Little did I know it would take so many hours to get the darn thing to work again.


I finally came to this site and followed some of the instructions posted above (thanks!).


  1. Power off router.
  2. Power off base
  3. With base connected to router, but router off, power on base and give it 60s.
  4. Hold in reset button on base for 15s, blue light starts blinking, let sit 60s.
  5. Power on router and wait for blue light to go solid (internet connection works)
  6. Remove batteries from phone and replace them.  (Phone will wait to connect until placed in charger)
  7. Press reset button on base for 1s.
  8. IMMEDIATELY place phone in base.


The phone connected within one second....


All the times I spent waiting for 10 minutes to see if it would connect... it would have been nice to know that if it were going to connect, it would do so almost instantaneously.    And don't ask me how/whether the router power down helped.  It makes no logical sense that it would... but meh... it ended up working.


Hope this helps someone else.


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