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RTX DUALphone 4088 Price!!

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I found the price of RTX DUALphone 4088 in skype shop is C$99.87 with discount. But when I click the buy now botton, it forwards me to the chatandvision site where the price shows C$ 117.49. Why it happen? 

Is there any skype voip adapter avialbe in the market for the Canadian? Because this phone is very expencive. A adepter wiiil be enough for me which can be plugged in a normal home phone!!




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Very dissapointed with the hardware from Skype. Very high prices for the cheapest quality.

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Skype doesn't manufacture the hardware nor do they control the prices of that hardware.  If I buy a radio from a store front/reseller I don't blame the reseller nor the radio station for the hardware not meeting my standards.  I take in consideration reviews of the hardware I plan to buy regardless of where the device is sold especially if the device in question is expensive.  If the reviews are fairly positive or if the device has defects I can live with, then that is when I purchase a device.


 I  haven't owned one of those phones but just by looking at a picture of it I can guess that the phone can't handle much of my normal abuse.  I personally use a Freetalk connect me and my Panasonic DECT phone set which handsets have been dropped by accident more times than I can count.    I've had several of the adapters fail on me over the years but they are nowhere near as expensive as a dualphone set to replace.



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Thanks, I wish there was more info about using other hardware.

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You can still buy the Freetalk ConnectMe direct from Freetalk at

The price has dropped significantly since it was sold in the Skype store.


Another option is an Android WiFi phone which also allows you to do video calls and Skype IMs & texts.  check shipping and local taxes though.


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