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Problem with my microphone

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Hello everyone. Ive got a problem with my microphone, whem i'm talking at skype my voice is accelerated and distorted. Reaction of people who are talking with me is like "oh man, you are squirrell" (lol). I test other microphone and it is the same, someone have got before the same problem? Please help me. :-)

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Follow steps at:


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Didnt help at all lol. There is no problem someone didnt hear me, the problem is my voice is so strange, faster and changed. When im talking with friends they think that im using the voice changer program cause they hear me like a "squirell".

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You might be.  Are you sure you don't have something like Karaoke mode enabled (+/-) in your audio software?



If that's not it, you might have some weird latency issues delaying/buffering your audio.  If you are chatting wireless, you can try wired to see if anything changes.  Still there may be something inadvertently enabled in your audio software that you are unaware of.  You may want to download and install the latest audio driver suite for your computer.  Usually a full uninstall/re-install of your audio device is done.  That may rectify an issue like this.

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