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Problem With Recording Device

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I am having some issues with skype on my new computer I just got for christmas. The headset I am using is a Razer Megeladon 7.1 Surround Sound Headset. The headset is working fine I can hear all the skype noises from it aswell as my music and anything thing else. AS for the microphone I tested it in a recording software and it's working fine aswell. Also when I go to the audio options in skype i can tap my mic and see the microphone levels going up and down. Yet when I try to get in a call it seems like when the call is about to be answered from ethier end I recieve the error message "Problem With Recording Device". Things I have done: -Got the only update for my headset that I could find under razers site which was a firmware update. - Uninstalled and reinstalled skype - Downloaded the beta version of skype ontop of it -Unplugged and he replugged my headset in diffrent USB ports - Contacted razer support and they told me to contact skype support as it the problem seems to be coming from there end. - The headset and mic are enabled in both my computer audio setting and skypes Please help ASAP I need this fixed thanks

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I was watching a video on a setup for the megalodon and i heared that it had a built in sound card in the maelstrom is there a way to change where skype is looking for the sound card?

(not sure if i make any sense)
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Same problem here, with the Megalodon headset. It worked perfectly, the last time I was able to use it (October 2011). Something since then has changed.

I've reinstalled Skype, cleaned the headset's installation and re-installed it, tried different computers as well. The problem is persistent.

Has there been an update to Skype lately?
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I am unable to call on video. When I do I am told that there is a problem with the recording device.  How can I fix that?

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