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Philips VOIP855 upgrade fails

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Novel Adventurer

Did anyone of you receive a reaction from Philips? I send them an email and they promissed me to send a reaction in 5 days but its already a week ago and until know...nothing...

Novel Adventurer

No at All shame that's it

Novel Adventurer

Welcome to Philips
Chat, you're chatting with Phil. How may I help you?

M: Hi There

Phil:  Good evening,
how can I help you?

M: Just have
question about VOIP 855 upgrade

Phil:  Okay, what
would you like to know?

M: Still can't
upgrade my handset with new version of skype and software

Phil:  I see, at this
point it is still being investigated, and at this point you will need to use the
current version of software that is on the phone

M: Do You know
for how long ?

M: Loads of my
friend had same problem and they waiting for some help from Philips

Phil: Our specialist
are hard at work to get this update fixed, and its best to keep an eye on its
support page for the next software. Sadly we do not have any confirmed dates
yet, but it will hopefully be as soon as possible

Phil:  I understand,
that is why we are getting this sorted for everyone

Phil: This is the
link to the main support page, and in particular the software page

M: Ok then .

Phil: it shows the
date of when the software was published, and this will change once the new one
is available


Novel Adventurer

Hi all,


I called philips today and explained the situation. They asked me to reset my Philips Voip phone as already mentioned by someone in this forum before. I tried id but it didnt function. I called Philips again and explained them that resetting the phone is not the solution (at least not in my case). Now they've put me on a list with many other complaining consumers. Philips contacts me (hopefully soon) when a technician has solved the problem. When that will be is not sure. I hope it will not take months.


Routine Adventurer

I have the same problem in that Skype 1.10.847 won't download.


As regards Philips, their customer support is very poor.  Lots of failed promises, e-mails unanswered etc. etc.....


The Philips 8551B base station ethernet connection also cause a background buzz on my normal DECT landline, particularly when the incoming audio level is low.  Anyone else noticed this?

Routine Adventurer

Dear nickwilcock,


can I kindly ask you to open a separate thread for the audio quality of the phone. Lets not mixe topics. Some of us have send the URL of this discussion to Philips for support their cases and we should keep it to the main subject.


For the firmware I agree with you. I have an esacalted ticket open since a week and no news since.



Novel Adventurer

It is almost a month and problem is still there. Dont know why the Philips dont remouve this bugy version of software from the net so we all can forgot of new version.

Casual Tourist

Having the same problem with the voip855b I also contacted the support.

No help until now.


What I can confirm is that the download actually succeeds! I traced the TCP packets

and could confirm that. The error then happens during the upgrade. However,

since philips didn't document how to read the logs and traces from their phone I couldn't

help further.


I informed philips support on my findings.


Let's hope philips support finds some time to look at this problem and show some respect for their customers.

Routine Adventurer

Update from my support case after asking for news and requesting that the faulty firmware is withdawn:


"At this moment, we don’t have any information about this problem.
Please have some patience.
If a response is present, you will be contacted as soon as possible."

Not very promissing.

Novel Adventurer

I've received a similar reply from the customer service via email.

They point me to an url (FAQ) explaining how to restore the device to factory settings when there is a problem after an upgrade.

They really consider their customers as stupid users !

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