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Multiple Microphones

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Hey guys,

I'm starting to offer some free guitar lessons to some friends of mine, however I won't be able to see them face-to-face, so I thought what if I could hook up my acoustic directly to my laptop and at the same time use the integrated mic on my laptop to speak and play with them? I've messed around with my computer for a while with this and I can connect my acoustic to the laptop via 1/4'' cable adapter and plug it into the mic port of my laptop (This "tricks" the laptop to thinking my guitar is one gigantic mic itself) and I have managed to use Audacity to register two mic inputs, both my external (guitar), and my internal built-in mic on my laptop to give dual inputs. I was wondering if this is possible for skype?

Thanks a bunch!


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The answer is simple, at the same time complicated. First, I am assuming you are using a Windows flavored OS. Anyway, simply put, in Skype you (using the Options/Audio tab) select _one_ of the audio devices present in your computer as input source during a conversation. Normally, one does not meddle with this, and uses the default microphone input of the system. However, one can switch between the inputs, even in the middle of the call. In your case, if you can create a composite audio input combining your voice input ( aquired through the microphone) and the guitar input (pulled in through the Line-in input) and use that as the input for Skype, you have your perfect setup . Now, the mixing of the inputs and creating a overlayed/superimposed sound input can/may be done in software on the system (purely in software or using two sound cards (can get a USB sound card for as low as $5) and some clever wiring and software) or using a mixer external to the system. How you go about it is for you to decide. To summarize, yes it is plausible, you need to create a single audio stream that Skype can select as input. In Linux world, I would suggest some clever Pulseaudio mixing. Hope this was helpful. 

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This question is similar to my question that I have regarding using two bluetooth mics.  Is there a way to fool my device and skype into receiving audio from two separate mics.  I am specifically using the FREEDOM mic with an IPAD AIR.  The audio only needs to be transmitted  in one direction.  I do not need to hear anything from the other skype user.  In other words I want to feed two mics on two presenters via bluetooth through skype.  Is this possible?  How do I make my device sync up two bluetooths?  How do I make skype recognize two audio inputs?



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