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GE/Skype phone 28310 connection problem

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Novel Adventurer

I have a GE/Skype phone 28310 and have used it to make Skype call for years. It failed to make connection starting yesterday. It seems that it is able to go onto the internet and keep sign-in for ever. Is anyone there have any help? Thanks!

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Novel Tourist

I am expereincing exactly the same problem.  Anyone know what is going on?

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Novel Adventurer

It seems that almost all Skype phones, no matter which brand or model, stop working yesterday. It must be the problem at the Skype side.

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Casual Tourist

I have similar problem too with the GE-31591GE1 and DUALphone 3088.  What has Skype or Microsoft done? Please help.

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Casual Tourist

Hi, I believe I have the same problem, I have $38 + worth of credits, the phone is on line can look a profiles and internet connection Mac and IP are dispalyed but every phone and contact is Busy when hit send. I have reset the handset, re entered everything, change passwords and add $10 more credits. Still does  the same thing when send is selected(((BUSY}}}. I can use Laptop Skype and desk top windows 8 and 7 and call the same numbers with out fail?????

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