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Freetalk connectMe firmware update

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as of firmware

local incoming cals are heard (ring) over the regular phone.

yet, the moment I pick up the phone, I get a basic tone from the landline, but the phone is not answered. Also (from the caller's perspective) this is not observed as a disconnected call, but just a call that was NOT picked up.

My adapter is useless at this moment. I am connected in Netherlands Antilles Curacao

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At the moment FREETALK Connect is only supported for US/Canada and UK. It's not simply a power plug issue but also variations in the protocols used by the phone companies in the various countries that must be addressed by any hardware vendor's firmware.

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If I purchase 2 devices and place them at different locations (different physical addresses), will both phones ring when someone dials my SkypeIn Online number?

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Yes, they will. Skype protocol will forward the call to both the devices, however, there can be a small delay between when the two devices start ringing.

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I can confirm that it works great with BSNL telephone connection in India. I am guessing that Indian telephone signaling is similar to US, however, the caller ID does not work. This could be either due to the incompatibility of Indian caller ID format with ConnectMe or with the Cordless phones designed for US use.


Exactly the same as you but here in the UK

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Got an update notice 4 days ago, but still shows 1.01 as of today.

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Do you know if the changes/issues fixed by the firmware are officially documented somewhere? If not, would you be able to release information regarding the issues fixed in specific firmware updates?



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I noticed you have been using the Freetalk Office phone for some time now. 


Could you tell me if you are still having any problems with sound quality, noise cancelling, connection problems,  etc? 


Has both the firmware and software been improved in the meantime ? 


In other words, is it worth buying ? I would mainly use it for Skype to landline calls. 


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