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Freetalk Connect me firmware not upgrading

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Novel Adventurer

My Freetalk connect me firmware is not upgrading. I contacted the ebuy and they asked me various details such as:


- What is your order number so that we may identify your order? - What color is the light on the device? Is it steady or flashing? - What is the Firmware version you currently have? - What operating system do you have? - What is the location you are connecting it from? - Who is your Internet service provider? DSL or Cable Modem? - What make and model is your modem/router? - Do you have any additional networking devices on your network? (WIFI access points, switches and similar). If so please list them all.



I gave them all the information and after that they are just not replying back. I am stuck with version 1.0.1 updated on 8/12/2011 without any caller id and lot of static. I want to return it back but don't know what to do. It's definitely not brininging good name for Skype. I would rather prefer vonage who are atleast responsive.


Can someone please help me?



The device is connected from more than 2 weeks and I have windows 7 and Mac Lion. I think Skype should intervene in this matter.

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Novel Adventurer

Why doesn't freetalk provide a forced upgrade option so that user can manually update the firmware..The firmware has still not updated. I have provided all the information they eBuy has asked and also unhooked, hooked back the device. Am I still missing anything?

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