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Freetalk Connect me firmware not updating

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 My Freetalk Connect me unit has been online for more than two weeks but no update has been applied.  I am still stuck with firmware with no caller id.


  I sent a help request about the caller ID and that's how I knew about the new firmware version but it has yet to be applied.  A second help request about the update ended up with no answer.


  Any idea how to resolve this?  Does it matter if the unit is overseas outside the US?


Thank you,



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To address your last sentence:


Connect Me currenly only provides support for U.S., Canada and U.K. Every country has its own legacy PSTN phone system idiosyncracies that need to be addressed. And the U.K. uses different firmware from the US/Canada one.



Jim Courtney
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Hi amerdsp,


To start helping you with the issue you are having, please go over our Quick Set Up Interactive Guide: and let us know if the connections are set up properly.

Please make sure of the following:
- that the device is saving your changes, just unhook the power socket from the Freetalk Connect Me Main Unit, wait for a couple of seconds and then plug it back in.
- that the Freetalk Connect Me is wired to the same modem/router and remains with internet connection for at least 2 consecutive days.
- that your firewall (computer and/or modem/router) is temporarily disabled while trying to update the device.
- that you have your preferred update time set properly and the device connected and not in use at that time.

If you already went over the above and still unable to update please contact so that they may help you further.


Best regards,


Connect-Me Pro

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