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Freetalk Connect me adapter reboots during calls

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Ok, I've now reconfirmed that the call drop occurs without the local landline being connected.  Happened at 10 minutes 45 seconds.


The only connections are the phone and the internet so I don't think the problem relates to other phones/devices on the same line.


As to a replacement being quicker: it took 3 weeks to get the first device so maybe not.




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There seems to be a pattern emerging. I talked to my wife and she stated the the adpater rebooted just after she dialed a call and it started ringing. This is the same way it happenned to me after the software was updated to


Hope this helps.

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Former Staff

Please confirm if it actually rebooting (green light -> no light -> red light -> blinking green -> solid green), rather than just dropping the call.



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There are 2 senarios


1) Place the call , while phone rings the Call drop, no sound when it does, The phone shows no line available , I look at the adapter and it is rebooting ight, green blinking, solid green


2) Place the call, the phone rings, then after several rings I get the skype hang up sound, no reboot. I place the call again.


I dont know if this is helping or confusing things. I sent an email to free talk as well.

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I think following up with Freetalk is the best approach - you may have a faulty unit.



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I have a freetalk connect me and it is working great for me.   So I highly recommended it to my nieghbor.   He is on a different ISP and than me but has a good connection with a low ping etc.  Now he is having the trouble of it rebooting similiar to the other posts.  His software version and mine is the update   I thought he may have gotten a defective unit so I swapped mine for his and did a factory reset.   Again mine works perfect and his reboots so it's not the freetalk hardware.   He has tried a corded phone instead of his vtech cordless and still has the problem.   So what is left?   The software version not working with some setting on his local network router or his ISP?   I've contacted freetalk support twice but after several days no response from support.    After highly recommending the device to him as well as a magazine article I wrote recommending the device, I now hate to tell him to return it and reconnect his local phone line again.    Please help give some troubleshooting direction on this.   Thank you   

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Hi - there are now several issues mixed up in this thread - better to start a new one. Please confirm if it really is rebooting (lights changing colour etc.) or dropping the call? Freetalk support can get very busy at times but I am sure that they will respond to you.



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Thanks for getting back to me Simon.   Unfortunately support must be very busy as its been several days now with no response.   To confirm regarding the rebooting issue as others have stated.    The green goes to red and disconnects the call and in a 1 to 5 mins it flashes green then solid green and then the line is available again.   When an incoming call happens this happens as well.   It is not a consistent pattern with this.   A hard reset has been done and the lastest software updated.   The router is a Linksys E1000 by Cisco and the internet connection ping is 12ms  4mbps down and 3mbps up approximately.  The Freetalk connectme is plugged into a UPS for power and the phone is a vtech cordless phone.   Any suggestions to resolve much appreciated.   Thank you.

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This device is completely unreliable. If I make a skype to skype call with my pc- no problem, skype to landline through my pc- no problem. I use this device- within a few seconds it disconnects and I get dial tone- My information is below.


Current firmware version, last updated on 11-14-2011. From time to time the firmware of your device may be upgraded.

Hardware Version

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I'm not proposing this as a solution - but are you able to try a different telephone with the device and see if you get the same result?



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