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Freetalk Connect me adapter reboots during calls

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I doubt replacing the freetalk device with another will solve the problem.


I say this because I have already done that with a friend who has the problem.   We swapped devices and did a hard reset and software update and he continues to have the exact same problem with my device and his device which was rebooting is working perfectly for me.


Tech support finally after 2 weeks got back to me with a generic response asking a list of questions which I filled out and responded.   My guess is it has something to do with the router or a setting of the router and or ISP.    I don't know, that's the next area of troubleshooting since everything my friend has is identical otherwise.

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I am waiting on a new adapter myself. Once I receive it I will let everyone know if it reboots or if the problem has been resolved.

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May I ask you what router are you using?


I am using a Linksys WRT54G and the freetalk is working perfectly


My friend with the rebooting problem is using a Linksys E1000


As I said we swapped freetalk connectme devices and did a hard reset and update

and he continues to have the problem and it continues to work perfect for me and the main thing we have different is our ISPs and routers, so I'm doing a little process of elimination research to see if I can trace it to that component.    Anybody else having the rebooting problem that also has a Linksys E1000?

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My router is also the linksys wrt-54G but I've modified the software in it for the dd-wrt.  That is the solution to the router's failure to reboot after a power failure.  (know problem with this model).  You can find more info about dd-wrt protocole at

I doubt this has anything to do with the freetalk malfunction.

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Thanks for the valueable router feedback.   So that is interesting as I am also using the DD-WRT modified software as it's more feature robust, so we have a very similiar setup but mine is working.     Freetalk tech support sent the following questionaire which I filled out, it might be useful in the process of elimination that I share the setup of my friend whom I'm trying to help with his rebooting issue.


- What make and model is your phone? Vtech DECT6.0


- Who is your Internet service provider? Outreach Internet 2.4Ghz wireless service 5mbps dwn 3mbps up ping 20ms


- Do you have DSL or Cablemodem connection? 2.4Ghz wireless modem


- What make and model is your modem/router? Cisco E1000 router Linksys


- What is the software version you have installed on your device? version


- Are you using an additional router if so what is the make and model? No


- Do you have any additional networking devices on your network like WIFI access points, switches and similar if so please list them all. Please explain how is this all connected together. An Engenius Bridge is connected to extend the signal to another building 300 feet away


- What color is the light on the device? is it steady or flashing? It is normally green except when it reboots. The green goes to red and disconnects the call and in a 1 to 5 mins it flashes green then solid green and then the line is available again. When an incoming call happens this happens as well. It is not a consistent pattern with this.


Hope a pattern starts to emerge to nail this problem



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For general notice on this thread regarding the freetalk rebooting issue.


I just recieved this notice yesterday 12-13-2011  from technical support.   Sounds very encouraging!



After many testing scenarios we were able to identify the issue, we are currently testing further to make sure the situation is totally fixed. Kindly make sure you have your email address set under 'System Settings', Firmware section, so that the upgrade may be scheduled for your device. We kindly ask if you could bear with us for two more days for a software upgrade.


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wow I have only been dealing with this piece of junk for about 3 days but I have had it. I used D-Link adaptor for years for phone adapter and have been on Skype with Skype in number and Skype unlimited USA and Canada for almost as long as it has been out. It Worked fine, I just thought I would go with Free Talk so I didnt have to run my computer 24-7. Every firmware update this mess gets worse. Now after the 0.6 update it drops off the router and reboots just when it feels like it, flashes red then reboots. What a piece of crap. Skype. you need to rethink your Re-certification on this one. I tried the Magic Jack and threw it in the trash but it was 10 times more reliable than this mess. I am re-installing my D-Link and want my 40 bucks back. William Baggett . Wildwillies on Skype my support ticket # qwqlx on freetalk
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Amazingly the latest response from tech support above about identifying this issue with a new update appears to have solved the problem for my friend who had the rebooting issue with the freetalk.      I would suggest trying to do a hard reset on the device and get the latest update.   Its working at least for my friend who was having trouble earlier.   It has always worked for me reliably and its great if you are off-grid on solar as it consumes a lot less power (I think around 2watts) compared to running a computer.   Anybody else who has been having the rebooting issue and has had it resolved with the most recent software update it would be good to hear from.

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I wish this solution would have come earlier.

FreeTalk had promised that they would send a replacement adapter to me within 20 days. 20 days came and went with no adapter showing up.  I had to contact FreeTalk to find out that there was a problem with the shipment and that they had decided to credit me back the money instead. The only hint of what was going on was a credit showing up in my checking account. No email, no letter, no phone call.

I still love Skype and I will continue to use them when on my laptop. As far as the FreeTalk adapter and my SkypeIn number ...I switched to Vonage. Once FreeTalk works out all the bugs with the adapter and improves their customer service I will consider  switching back.

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DITTO ! ... 

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