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FreeTalk Headset broken!

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I bought a FreeTalk headset from Skype some time ago, used it a couple of times. Just got it out again because I need it and the plastic clip broke away very easily. Now the earpiece is just hanging - unuseable.


I have searched the net & it appears this is a common problem. How do I get it fixed?



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I don't have that headset, normally I would try either a glue or an epoxy to repair broken plastic pieces.   You can contact Freetalk and see if they can offer you a replacement or a solution.


If you deem the product too cheap, you might have to look for a replacement product.  I often find it sad when a well-functioning product is easily destroyed by poor manufacturing or a design flaw.  I would think a well-made product in all aspects would increase sales in the long run.


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Hi Guys,

I really would appreciate some help here guys either from Skype, FreeTalk, ANYBODY!!! I have already told you about the problems I am having, & it is widely reported on here as a design fault with this product.


I have had numerous emails backward & forward with FreeTalk, they are telling me that the headset I bought in 2010 was not bought through them, and (it's a long story why not) but I am unable to produce any kind of proof of purchase.


I have asked for replacement parts, repairs (even though the headset is clearly not fit for purpose, & under the UK Limitations Act I have up to 6 years to make a claim) - I really don't care if I have to pay for it (well I do, but at least it solves the problem!!!). The final conversation said they will offer me a 40% discount on their new headset launching on 17th June. This is all very nice but I have used this headset TWICE before the clip broke - aside from that there is nothing wrong with it. Seems totally insane to just throw it away!!!!


Can anybody please help!! I don't care if it's a Company to send it to, anything!! I have tried gluing but probably made it worse, problem is it is a very intricate job because of the swivel joint. It either needs a new piece or some sort of intricate cementing.




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I wish I could help you.  As far as I know, devices of this nature generally have a 1 year warranty.  In that 1 year time frame you should have adequate amount of time to test the product out and if it fails, get it replaced.  If it continued to fail in the same manner, I don't see how you couldn't demand a refund at that time.  Being 3 years later would be a harder case to prove even if you only elected to use that device for a few times.   If Freetalk does not offer any out of warranty repair service or repair parts, then I would consider that device disposable unless you know someone who can manufacturer parts.  We live in a disposable age, any device I can't repair myself I throw away.  Additionally the cost of a professional repair can come close to or supersede the cost of the item, so your quest for a viable solution may be futile.

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I got the same problem, as the fragile part of the headset is broken and the speaker hanging down online. I tried to glue it and I tried hot glue, but both didnt work well.


An idea I came up (but didnt try until now) is to print out a piece with a 3d - Printer to replace if they dont offer any repair services (and buy from another supplier next time, as other things may break as well without repair.).


I ask myself if this part is used to break earlier or later, as it is not very good quality at this part of the headset.


Depending on which city you live, you may find a 3d printshop or you ask around your friends who can have one. You can use the second part (the not broken one, but looking same) as the model to copy and print out with 3d printer.


good luck, and if you try, let me know,

best wishes,

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Novel Adventurer

oh, by the way: If anyone wants to throw away the broken headset, I would be if you send me the the working piece of you hearset.  ;-)

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