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FREETALK® Connect•Me - Phone not detected

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Hi Guys,


Im in the UK, Leicester using the Freetalk Connect Me. I am having problems with the initial setup via the web interface, the internet test passes however i am stuck on step 2 of 6 being the 'Checking Phone Connection...' phase. The phone is connected to the device in the correct port but i am constantly getting the same message "No connection to phone detected. Please check the phone is properly connected to the FREETALK® Connect•Me box.".


Is there a specific brand of phone that works with the freetalk device? The deive is on firmware Software Version:

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Have you contacted Freetalk support - if not please do so.


Some phones in the UK (it seems particularly some BT branded ones) have their RJ11 plugs wired differently and so don't work directly with the Connect Me without some adapter cables. If you can please try a non BT phone to verify this.



Casual Adventurer

I initially did try it on a BT brand phone and it didnt work. Then i got a wired phone:


2 piece telephone with lcd display

model 0121



did not work on that either.

Casual Adventurer

Which convertor/connector do i need?

Casual Adventurer

Hi, I had the same problem but because I had a USB Telbox before getting this adapter I realized what was causing the problem because the Telbox had the same trouble & they sent me a small adapter which cured the problem.

If you examine the Yellow tabbed cable you will see that it has only 2 wires connected,the cable that I got things working with has 4 wires connected.

The phone I have here is a BT Synergy 3505,a bit ancient but works fine.

Hope this helps someone.


Another problem I have is getting the "300 minutes voucher".I had a link in an email from the eBuynow lot with a link which takes me to a "" page where there is a button which doesn't work.I am in contact with the support people but not getting very

far.I got the adapter through a Paypal special offer.




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I had the same problem and have it working now.  BT Dect Phones use the outer pins for the connection and the cable supplied with the adapter uses the middle two (standard). As I coudnt find a converter cable decided to make my own.  All you need to use is a standard RJ11 to RJ11 straight cable and cut it in middle. Next step connect the middle two cables to the outer most cables.  Once the cables are correctly connected you would get a dial tone and this means the Freetalk adapter can talk to BT Dect phone.  However the cable that came with your BT Dect phone (one connecting from BT box to Phone) would not work in the line socket on this adapter.


To resolve this just use a standard Modem cable which is easily available in diy shops or may have one on a old phone.  Now the wizard should pick up both the Phone and the line.  If you have any questions then I am happy to help.


Amir Baig

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Thanks for you information, ill give this a go and let you know how i get on.

Casual Adventurer

None of the above solutions worked as the two pin lead is what the phones i have tried are using. The default cable that came with the phones use the middle two points, the connection from the freetalk uses the middle two pins and after analysing my phone it also uses the middle two pins, I was able to derive this by looking at the cable that came with the phone.


I tried your fix anyway and it didnt work.

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Freetalk Me know about this problem.


They have recently ordered special cables from BT, they will ship them out for those with specific problems and devices.


If you send Freetalka support mail, they should be able to help you.

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