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FREETALK 1200 Reset

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Routine Adventurer


About my FREETALK 1200 that I bought two weeks ago is wrong.

And it is used like new at internet shop.


I did the factory reset the wrong FREETALK 1200.

But red led is on for some time and next green led flash about 20 times and next red led on ...

I tried the factory reset lots of many times.

But,the green led does not contiune flash!


I have othe FREETALK 1200 and it is no problem.


Please suggestion.

Best regards







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Accepted Solutions
Routine Adventurer
Accepted as a solution by hardawre
‎28-08-2015 11:00

I thank for your reply.

I hope to be able to remote maintenance with next new firmware.


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Accepted as a solution by hardawre
‎28-08-2015 11:00

The device supports Caller ID and Speed dials.  Caller ID is NOT Caller ID spoofing.


Caller ID:

 If a Skype name calls you or a phone number calls you over Skype, that name/number will display on your handset.  


Speed Dial(s):

Speed dials allow you to dial Skype names from your standard handset using standard keys.  You can't type in a Skype name on a normal phone but you can dial *1 or *2, etc.  It may be helpful to print out a list of your speed dial contacts if you have many contacts and you plan to call them over your handset.   This legacy function does not work with non-standard Skype names (i.e.  Microsoft account, Facebook account, etc.).

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Accepted as a solution by hardawre
‎28-08-2015 11:00

I own 3 of these devices and I have not had any Calle ID issues.  You might be having cabling issues.  Are you using the black handset rj-11 cable that came with the device?  If so then the only conclusion I can draw is that there is a problem with your handset or the Freetalk device. 


You might consider performing a reset or contacting Freetalk if there is an issue with the device.

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Other than trying to hold the reset button for a longer period of time.  There isn't much you can do.  You may want to check you router to see what IP address it grabs and see if you can sign into the device.  If you can, you can also try the web reset as well if it stays online long enough.  If you can't and it continues in an endless loop, then you might want to return it to the Internet shop you bought it from especially since the device was used and arrived in a defective state.

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Routine Adventurer

Thank you for your reply.


And,I have some question.

About the other good FREE TALK 1200 that I hve,I want to set the fixed IP address.

How do I do the way?

Please teach me.


Best regards,

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Community Ambassador

It doesn't support it.  However it still can be done depending on your router.  What's the make/model of your modem/router?

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Routine Adventurer

My router is DHP way,but I have plan to use it this at the other network with fix ip address environment.

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Community Ambassador

It all depends on how your static IPs are implemented.  The only way you would be able to use the Connect Me   is if it can be issued a Static IP by DHCP reservation or similar.  So if you can enable DHCP or if your router allows DHCP reservation with no Available IP Pool, then you can specify the Mac address of the Freetalk Connect Me in your router's DHCP reservation settings.  When the Connect Me makes a DCHP request, the static IP you specified will be issued to the Connect Me.

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Routine Adventurer

I understood your suggestion.


But,at the router of the static ip address enviroment,

the system manager will only supply the static ip address to the each new device(


I am in school.

There are too may pc ,devices.

And so,I asked to you that if it has admin page.

I think that the admin page can set up statc ip address.




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Community Ambassador

I'm not aware of that device having a default IP.  The "admin" page is only accessible by the IP address it gets assigned.  It has no option to specify a static, for that reason you cannot specify a static.  The manager should be able to set up a reservation vs. an exclusion.  On the large networks I've run I was able to do either in a static and dynamic environment.  If the IT admin of the school is unable to do that, the device will be in limbo asking for an address while maintaining an IP of  This makes the device unusable.  An alternative to that is to use a router (if allowed) or use your PC with wireless/wired or wired/wired Internet sharing.  It kind of defeats the purpose of not using a computer, but it will allow the device to function.

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Routine Adventurer

I thank you for your valuable reply.


I will make arrangement to IT manager in school later.

And I will try ""


Best regards,








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Routine Adventurer

I understood that "Admin" page has no static ip function.

But ,I want to access to the "admin" page.

Please teach me the way.


Best regards,




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