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Novel Tourist

My connect me has not updated to the lastest firmware. In fact it is still on the firmware it shipped with of Id like to know how to manualy update please?

Aslo before you ask. I have reset the device. I leave it on all the time. It is always online and plugged in. Its also always has a connected green light. I even changed the update time a few nights ago. Still nothing.

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Routine Adventurer

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually update the firmware. Please put a valid email id in the setup/config page and click on the "send me an email" option, and it should update on its own. I am guessing you are making sure that the Internet and connectme are ON and working during the preferred update time.

Casual Tourist

Did you get answer to this problem.  I am having the same issue and support has been very bad at any response beyond an inital no brainer comment to unplug and plug the box back.  Anyone figure a way to manually load FW?

Novel Adventurer

There is no way to manually update the device firmware (according to Simon).


I have just plugged in my unit two days ago and today it has updated itself from 1.0 to, then again to


Novel Adventurer

Same problem here - this long wait for an update, not being able to update manually and unresponsive e-mail support is not the way to do business.

Novel Adventurer

After five days it updated today from to all in one day.

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