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Cannot Call 0800 or 0845 etc. numbers using Skype Connectme Box

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Whenever I try to call a UK 0800 or 0845 Number using the Skype Connectme Box, the line goes dead after an initial couple of seconds of the usual "skype warbling".


I have tried dialling the number as is - I.e. 0800 123456 and also using the UK codes with and without the leading zero  - I.e. 00 44 0800 1234546 and 00 44 800 123456.


The Skype Connectme is NOT connected to a normal landline - It is Skype only.


When dialling using the Skype system on my Windows Laptop, the calls go through perfectly.


As I need to call these types of numbers regularly, can someone please tell me what the solution is ASAP.




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I have used my Freetalk Connect Me device to call the UK and a few other countries.  It is the same way you would dial the number on a standard telephone (POTS line).  The proper format from the US would most likely be: 


011 (exit country code for international dialing) + specific country code (44) +  area code (0800) + the number.


So if I would try that number I would input it like this: 011440800123456


I hope this helps.




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I cannot call any of the 0800, 0845 etc numbers using Skype from Egypt - I have a healthy skype credit, yet it always says 'Sorry Call failed!'


No explanations, no helpful info on the website...


Time to try another VOIP service maybe?

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That problem has nothing to do with Skype or the Freetalk Connect Me device,  Like some other countries Egypt is known to block all VOIP/Skype services and many other websites and content.  The only way you could get around this is by possibly using a VPN service that is not blocked by Egypt.  Since the Connect Me has no internal configuration to support tunneling through a VPN/Proxy the best method is to be connected to a VPN via wireless and  use Internet Connection Sharing to allow the Connect Me to connect across the VPN tunnel using your computer's Ethernet port.  Unfortunately this forces you to use a computer unless you can find a piece of hardware to perform that same function before it gets to the Connect Me device.  It is highly likely you will run into this problem with any VOIP service, if you reside in Egypt.

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I have lived in Egypt for four years and I have no trouble using Skype to skype or skype to phone. The only thing I cannot do is call 0800 numbers. Can anyone help?

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Things change all the time.  Sometimes a particular ISP/country has certain blocks, and other times they reverse that decision.  If you can successfully call other numbers in your country.  Enable caller ID in Skype and try again.  Number filtering can be used on any phone number especially toll free numbers since they pay for the call.  If your number is one they don't accept or caller id is off they can block you by immediate disconnect, ring forever, etc.

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Sorry - you are not correct - it is nothing to do with Egypt blocking VOIP - geographic numbers work well.  I did eventaually manage to talk to a 'human'at Skype and they said it was related to fraudulent use from Egypt so they (Skype) have restricted access to this group of numbers from Egypt.  I did ask why they could not be selective and apply, or lift, the block based on users rather than a whole country - no satisfactory response.  So the upshot is if you are an honest, long established client of Skype but have the misfortune to be working in, or passing through, a country where fraud and shady practices are rife - skype will prevent you calling the most common group of numbers in use in the UK.

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that makes more sense. Thanks for taking the time to check. Doesn't help though does it

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I don't believe what I said was incorrect in whole.  In the past 10 years countries (including Egypt) and several ISPs have handled Skype differently throughout the years.  Toll-free numbers do filter their calls, even I filter my calls with my call forwarding service for my virtual home number separate from my Skype number.


 If what you are saying is correct then that would fall under the category of steps taken to prevent abuse and fraud.  If a decision like that was made, it may have also been made at the behest of others and was probably not made lightly.  A deny of that nature may supersede the ability to allow an individual account to be waived.  Even if it could be, the abuse rate may be so high and sporatic even by multiple appearingly good, long standing accounts that it may make the ability to allow virtually unmanageable.  


It sounds rather unfortunate in this case that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  The only time I've personally come across a seemingly global restriction on a set of numbers by Skype, is when it was actually followed by the error message "You can't call this number on Skype right now".  I would hope you would have received a similar error of that nature alluding to a restriction in place but then again that might not be an option for a regionally or IP deny range.  I don't know if a proxy or VPN tunnel would change things or be a viable solution for you.


Toll-free numbers generally have some form of toll number counterpart or alternate means  of communication.  The only major downfall of that is having to pay for that toll call.

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