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Can I use the FREETalk phone adapter without a landlines?

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I have disconnected my landline service.  Can I receive skype call to my regular cordless phone handset with a FREETalk phone adapter and a Skype online number?

Thanks in advance any help. 

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I only want to use my home phone adapter for Skype calls, must I connect my landline?

A landline is not required to use the home phone adapter for Skype. However Skype should not be considered as a replacement landline service.


The biggest issue is that Skype cannot be used for emergency calls.

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HI Folks,


I could use the freeconnect adapter without using a landline. If the device doesnt show up in your network devices, you will need to find the IP address from your router, usually starts with 192.168.1.xx , so then you can do your setup with freeconnect and also sign into skype. 


Landline connection is required only for emergency purposes




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Sorry I meant freetalk

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This is actually a really old thread.  The FreeTalk Connect Me can be used without a landline.  If you chose to use a landline for emergency purposes, there is nothing inherent to the device to filter local calls.


 I was getting spammed on my local loop "Emergency line", after being told by my "no longer local telco" L2/L3 techs that receiving calls were impossible because I don't use their service.  I ended up rerouting my connection to a separate phoneline  that rings all hours of the night.  Setting my extra phone to "never ring" fixes that.  So now I have an active "never-ring" outbound emergency line.  

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