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Camera orientation

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The video for Skype video messaging perpetuates the myth that it is OK to shoot video in a vertical format. It is not! It is hard to display correctly. It does not effectively use all the available video screen available. I urge people to use their cameras/phones in a horizontal format for much better results that will also match the widescreen displays that they have at home. It makes so much sense.
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hi i also have the same problem with my asus 2 in 1 trans t100h, when i use skype the camera is upside down. any suggestion? 


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Check in your SETTINGS. Maybe there is a box to tick or other. I am not familiar with your unit. 

Je suis vraiment désolé.

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I think people are looking, but not seeing. They see a slice of life they are capturing, but have no idea what they are doing or how to do it well, if not better. If you're serious and going to use the vision on your computer or make a family movie, you'll be shooting in the normal horizontal format. People who shoot in vertical format, just don't get it. With a horizontal format, you are Much More Likely to catch the unexpected. The horizontal format is the way we see naturally with our stereoscopic vision.

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