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Language Learning Forum should be open for all again

Novel Adventurer



I am at a loss as to why we we have to 'rank up' before we can access language exchange forums.


When it was the way it used to be, I made so many friends and it benefitted my language learning greatly. And these were all from people who just came to these forums on the offchance, some with 0 posts, some with 1 post. Now a huge audience of language learners will be excluded... It is not even clear how much we have to contribute to the community before we can access them.


Will it ever be reverted to how it used to be? I spent 2 years studying Japanese, and I can't tell you how beneficial the old skype language forums were for that. I have now begun Mandarin and it would benefit myself and so many others if the forums were opened up again.


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Novel Adventurer

I agree. I have been looking everywhere for the board and it keeps telling me acess denied whenever I get close.

Casual Adventurer

Well, closing forums seems to be a tendency! Back in 2010 Zukerberg slashed hundreds of exciting forums making a complete rubbish of a Facebook. In the beginning of the previous year the BBC World Service closed the best forum in the World - "Message Board"... I don't kmow any other space on the Net where I could exchange some thoughts and ideas...

Novel Adventurer

I completely agree that it should be open to all. Not all of us use Skype enough, or know enough about computers, to go out into these threads and help people, which is what they're suggesting we do. 


However, we want to meet people and learn languages, which is what they're keeping us from doing. It really seems backwards. They want us to learn more about Skype and help people with issues, but they ban us from meeting the people we want to talk with. It's just quite stupid, and I was really upset by it.

Casual Adventurer

Has anyone by any chance read about (or frankly experienced) the rank up? Honestly though, it makes sense because sometime you have a lot of creepers that just want to make accounts and skype girls and then pull a "chatroulette" on them if you catch my drift. 


It makes sense and it shows you are an active competent person who is striving to learn the language not someone who is simply going to try it out and then "drop the class" if you will after a week of exposure. 


Competition has always bred the best of beasts and men. Continue doing that it shall.

Too often did I add an individual who simply wouldn't respond to me whatsover or seemed to not want to skype just send messages and thats not always quite helpful, and can become tiresome for the devout and ardent learner of languages.


Alas i'll post til I get upgraded and permitted then I shall post once more about the quantity of postings required.


Good luck to all of you in your studies and fun practice of languages!

Casual Adventurer

I am having trouble gaining access to the Language Learning Community. I just want to meet people from around the world so that I can practice....this whole posting requirement seems a little silly.

Novel Adventurer

Yeah, I can't agree no more.

Casual Adventurer

I don't get it either...this is a real pain in the ass. 

Casual Adventurer

Hello! I am looking for English friends penpals and can tell you about Russian and it's culture are so on. If you are interested let me know
p.S. Completely agree with the idea to make a forum devoted to language learning again

Novel Adventurer

Totally agree. It's too annoying...

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