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How to ask a Question

Casual Tourist

 So this is what I'm getting for visiting the community through the Chrome browser. I'm using win7. I have no "post new" button or anything related as well. Any help is greatly appreciated (I assume that most are in a smililar position). Perhaps this screenshot should help the moderator.

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Hi, JonathanBZuniga, and welcome to the Community,


Now I understand!!  


There is no new post green button on the Community's home page or main dashboard.  You have to click on one of the message boards, like my screen shot shows in my previous post where I had clicked on the Android message board, and then snapped my screen shot, and on every message board at the upper left corner is where the "start a new topic" green link or button appears.


Thank you so much for uploading a screen shot!


Best regards,


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Novel Tourist

I am replying to this message because I can only see a green button that says "reply"... and now that I'm replying, the green button says "post". 


I have a question and I can't find where to ask it. Please help!

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Novel Adventurer

No green button for New Topic here.

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Novel Adventurer

I do not see the button to ask a question?


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Novel Adventurer

Yes, I am having the same problem, also how do you read any replies to your questions?


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Casual Tourist

I am new and have looked far and wide for over a half hour and cannot find any way to post an issue,  It seems I can only read existing issues.


I know intuitivelym that this can't possibly be true, but as I said, I cannot find anywhere a way to initiate a post.


Would appreciate your telling me how to do so.





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Casual Adventurer

I assume the one whom you are attempting to respond to.  You have to be able to reply to this placement of mine by clicking on the Reply to this post link below this post, at the side of Accept as Solution ... sounds like you may have accidentally clicked on the link surrounded by the post, which will whip you to where that meticulous post was reassigned. 

I am confused as to how the "New Topic" button is not come into view at the pinnacle left corner of each message board catalog which for me is out of the ordinary, because I stay a lot of other online communities and have not found this one any more or less complicated to plot a course my way approximately. 


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Novel Tourist
but how to do it?
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Novel Tourist

That's my question as well, hope you get an answer.

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