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Counseling Forum?

Novel Adventurer

Can't we have a forum for counseling in the support network as we have for language learning and translation? There are many people online who need advice and guidance and Skype application provides all the facilities to give counseling service. Only the social network is missing. Can you create a forum for counseling service announcements and requests in this community? Thanks for your consideration.

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Thanks for your feedback.

I'm not sure the Skype forum is the right place for offering the forum. Skype is just the technology that allows tele-counseling. There are numerous community sites out there that focus on counceling on different topic *and* they offer Skype as once way to do so. I think it's better to take the route of searching for a site first that covers the topic you look for counseling on and then pick the appropriate contact method to do so and not vice versa.

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Novel Adventurer
I am new to this. After being here for some time, I may respond to this question. Not sure how ethical issues can be taken care including the aspect of privacy and confidentiality.
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