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why won't Skype wifi work over my home wifi

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You do not have to connect to Skype Access. Its a totally different feature as I described below.

You have to double check your router, firewall and antivirus, to make sure its not blocking Skype after the update.
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so i cannot skype from my house? because its freee????? bologna..

You do not need to uninstall, what you have, simply install over what you have, with this:


At the moment the quickest method to fix this is to install the beta version from here:

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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"Skype Access (Wi-Fi)" issues that so many people are having, are not merely a misunderstanding. It's a software defect, for I too had the problem of not being able to connect, because not even the error message gives any clue, that "Skype Access" is not relevant to how home desktop computer users would normally connect to their own home network.


Don't blame the users, but tell software support to fix the software, and make it less confusing. Maybe rename the menu item to something like "Skype Access to Pay Public Wi-Fi Networks..." or "Pay Public Wi-Fi Networks..." or "Pay Public Wi-Fi..."


Or put in a more descriptive error message, so that we new users will know, that isn't what we needed to choose anyway.

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I still don't quite understand how exactly the issue appears. Could someone, who experienced it, write a step by step story of what is happening exactly?

If you have a computer with internet connection and run Skype on it, there must be no Skype WiFi dialogue window/popup whatsoever. Skype will simply go online and that's it.
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I have a laptop that is connected by wifi in my home.  I have downloaded the latest version of skype.  My problem is when I go to add a contact it says I am not on internet.  I have adjusted wi-fi to both public and home networks, nothing works.  Can anyone help me?

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I have the same problim i have the new version of skype but when i try to log in it say's i have no internet conection on my laptop (i use the WIFI of my router)
some one help


lots of thanks,

Jack Benton.

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TL: DR - Try a quick computer restart just to refresh the internet connection then open your Skype App, log out of the app then log back in. After dinking around with connections and forums for over an hour and changing nothing, this worked for me. (why didn't I try this FIRST...)


Here's a step by step for the moderator:


March 9th 2012: I used Skype on my MacMini to make a few phone calls as I've been doing for years. The WiFi network I'm connected to has been up and running, un-changed for at least 2 weeks. I am submiting this post via the connected internet on the same computer... Everything worked like it always has.


March 10th 2012: I turn on Skype and my status is inexplicabley "offline". I try to make a call and I get "You have lost internet connectivity or your status is Offline. Please check your connection or change your status and try again." The internet and WiFi are unchanged from yesterday when I was making calls but today I cannot connect or change my status to online.


I believe a number of people are experiencing a similar problem and are trying to correct it via the poorly described "Skype Access" feature. I understand Skype Access is just for public wifi hotspots, regardless, trying to connect via the Skype Access gets me a similar "cannot connect message", I cannot explain why Skype suddenly stopped connecting to my home WiFi network.


edit: *fixed! See the 'Too Long: Didn't Read' at the top.

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Same problem.  I have 2 home computers - both still connected to the internet but can't change status to online for Skype on either computer, tried logging out and back in but neither computer can log back into Skype?!?!?!  Still working on my phone - how do I fix this on my computers?

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I dont get it ): i try to send an IM and after about 2hrs. it still hasnt sent?mThen I look at the Skype wifi and it says it cant connect with my public wifi? is this supposed to happen? PLEASE HELP


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