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why won't Skype wifi work over my home wifi

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"Supported networks"?


I am really curious to hear what kind of corporatespeak explanation we will receive for this hobbled functionality, given that Skype already works just fine from a computer over wifi.

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Are you referring to Skype WiFi app for iOS?

If so, then you don't need to use it if you have internet connection available.

Its only meant for public places, where you can connect to WiFi hotspots through this app using your Skype Credit

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My laptop connects wirelessly with my home router, which is connected to a cable.  I have full access to the internet including secure information from my bank.  I am sending this message over that connection.  Yet when I try to buy credit I get a statement saying skype wifi does not work with home or closed networks.  Why is this so?

I believe this is the same question the person above was asking.  The question was not answered.  "Hobbled functionality", indeed.

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Also, I am reluctant to use public wifi networks for anything, given the vulnerabilty one has to intrusive software once joined.  

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I think there is just a misunderstanding of what app to use.

Can you describe what steps are you following and where exactly do you click?

If you are using Skype on computer, you just need to go to and download Skype from there.
Then you can go to account page at and purchase Skype Credit there.

I am not sure why you are getting the error you mentioned above. Only if you click on Skype WiFi... But you don't have to do it, because you are connected to internet at home already.

Skype WiFi is a feature, which allows connection to internet hotspots through Skype Credit when you are away from home, for example in airport, hotel, etc.
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Hey all- this forum section is for "Skype wifi", a mobile device app which is supposed to enable skype to work over a wifi connection.


The app is hobbled so that it only works over certain wifi connections- that is, ones you have to pay to use- which means you can't install skype wifi on your cell phone, disconnect your cell phone from your carrier, and use your cell phone plus skype wifi on your home (or other, "non-supported") wifi.


That's what my original post is about. "Supported networks"...

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You don't understand how it works. The application "Skype WiFi" is a way of buying connection time on PAID Wifi networks, like in a coffee shop or airport. There's no way (never mind no reason) for it to work on a home network since you don't pay to use your home network. This is pretty basic stuff...

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I've been using skype at home (free and through my WiFi) for over year. Today, skype asked to download its latest version, and I ok'd it. Now, suddenly, I can't make video calls. I played with the wifi settings ad nauseum, and did as much research as I could. Apparently, you now have to purchase skype credits to use any wifi, including home, as far as I can tell. Either that, or there's a serious software issue. The new version sees I'm on a wifi that isn't part of its wifi "partners," so I can't use it. Is this information correct, or am I going crazy?




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No no, Skype WiFi is for using only with specific hotspots in airports, bus/railway stations when you do not have internet connection.

If you are at home, you must be able to freely use Skype.

Can you explain in more detail what happens exactly? Your PC is connected to your home WiFi and internet works fine?
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I too am baffled.


I used Skype for a fantasy football draft over my home wireless internet in September and it worked perfectly.


Tonight I downloaded the updated version and now I cannot make a video call.  My brother (in Atlanta) says that my status shows "offline" when my laptop shows my status as "online" and his status as "offline."  


I'm on a Mac Book Air and when I open the "FILE" drop down from the top of the screen it has an option "Skype Access (Wi-Fi)..."  


When I click that it shows a pop-up that says "Your current WiFi network [my network] does not support Skype Access. Please try another available public network.  Tip: Skype Access doesn;t work with private or closed networks."



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