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what is the skype server address

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i want know the skype server address
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Hi, quman07, and welcome to the Community,


Please provide more details and focus as to the nature of your request: for which purpose?  in what environement?


Thank you,


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I would like the same information so I can configure my old Sprint phone to only make calls using my Skype account without the need for the app. It keeps Force closing on me.
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How come no one from Skype has given an answer to this question? I also want to know the answer. I also have a former Sprint phone that give me the option to use the internet phone option exclusevely. However,t to set up this option I need to enter not only my account number and my password with my SIP provider but the option also ask me for the server name. (It also ask optionally for the Outbound Proxy Address, but since this is optional I don;t really need it to set up my phone to exclusevely use my Skype subscription to call). I do, however, need the Server Name. My phone is the Motorola Photon 4G (MB855) and it has this option in the setting, the option to set the phone to only use SIP for voice. Pllease have someone from the Skype technical department respond to this question. It would be great if I can use my cell phone as a regular cell instead of having to use and have the Skype app runnig on memory all the time. 

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I have also been (very anxiously) looking for this answer and Claudius from the Skype comunity said that Skype does not support SIP calls, thus it is not possible to create an account in your telephone settings for making internet i.e. SIP calls. Too bad but I'm still not giving up & am always open for replies or comments to this issue.

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