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verification code not sending setup caller ID

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I have read a lot of reports stating that people are not getting thier verifcation codes. 
I am one of them as well... What do i need to do?
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I'm having the same problem.  The verification code isn't being sent out while I'm trying to verify my number for setting the caller ID.  SMS is working fine on this end.  What do I do?

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if you cannot use Skype to send an SMS to the mobile phone whose number you are trying to verify, then the only thing you can do is to contact Skype Customer Support with the details so they can investigate:
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Why is the support page going to a Microsoft page that then displays the following: 

Sorry, the page you requested is not available.


Seems like there is no email to any SKYPE support team.  Perhaps their email or SMS is not working either!

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Hello @Arizona900,

Skype customer support do not have an e-mail support system. The model used is a livechat system. Is the link still not working? I tried it just now and it went through.


Microsoft are aware that there are some issues with the livechat system. It can help to temporarily enable pop-ups and (again temporarily) disable any addons/extensions, which block pop-ups. The reason for this is that the livechat window displays in a pop-up; if this is blocked, then the livechat cannot function.


In addition, it can also help to use Internet Explorer for it, even if it is not your usual browser.


Hope that helps.

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