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unresponsive plug in click to call

Novel Tourist

Every where I go on the internet, I keep getting this pop up that says...unresponsive plug skype click to call...HOW DO I GET RID OF THAT?

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem!  So frustrating!  It happens at every single page click I make, I was ready to throw my computer out the window!   I hope someone replies with an answer to your question!!   

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Novel Adventurer

Same problem.  I have uninstalled everything.  It happens on all browswers.  Skype support blows, they answer will never come from them.  If anyone else can help we would be grateful.

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Novel Adventurer

Correct...Skype never answers...I've about pulled hair when I see "plugin you want to stop it? yes-no....I'm extremely pissed. I can't even get greenhorns in my computer shop tell me anything...just want to put me on hold while taking another call.


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Novel Adventurer

Quite often I get the message 'unresponsive plug in: click to call. Do you want to stop it?'

How to get rid of this message forever?


Thanks in advance.


Jacques Op de Laak

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Casual Adventurer

Please please , what a nuisance! There must  be a way to stop that pop up. I don't need that plug in and I want do disable it. How can I do that? It keeps coming back and it makes me very nervous.......

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Casual Tourist
My A/C is opened yesterday for Unlimited Canada and US call @ C 2.99 . But I don't get the click and call option page. How can I call ? What is your customer Service Number? Please help me
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Casual Adventurer

Hello, i received an mail from prokash_canada which I presumed would be a reply to my problem but instead I got a post with a question related to a different subject altogether. 

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Novel Adventurer

Skype personnel --


Why don't you fix this problem? 

Novel Tourist

Am faceing the same problem and sent email to Skype Support and waiting for the responce for "unresponcive plug".....


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