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two of my 4 computers have been hit by a hoax virus attaching to skype

Novel Adventurer

my firewall treated it and deleted it on reboot BUT the skype shortcut was compromised and it was

necessary to uninstall and re-install the product.


the following data came from my sister's laptop this morning:


Source Address:  Destination Address:
tcp (flags)  Outgoing 09-23-2013  sis's laptop got hit at 09:34 GMT - the desktop just got hit.

c:\program files (x86)\skype\phone\skype.exe  hoax deleted on reboot
hoax.win32 archsms bfaax

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Novel Tourist

My laptop was also infected with this virus after and update as well. I would like to know how this virus got there.


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Casual Tourist

I've got about the same problem on my job laptop. My antivirus, Kaspersky SonicWall, detected the "Hoax.Win32.ArchSMS.bfaax" virus and deleted skype.exe. 


Skype guys - why is this happening and how can it be fixed?


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Community Ambassador

See my reply here:


It is most likely a false positive triggered by an updated definition, since the alternative doesn't make sense.  Report the false positive to your particular AntiVirus company and keep your AntiVirus definitions up to date.  You can also use a different version of Skype that may not trigger it or just exclude Skype.exe from being scanned by your AntiVirus program.


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