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the person you are trying to reach is not available

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New skype number. I always get a message "the person you are trying to reach is not available". I have yet to complete a call to my Skype number.




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Make sure that you are running the latest software version and that your privacy settings are "allow calls from anyone". If the problem persists please contact Skype customer service


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Novel Adventurer

Sorry it did not help. I am not using a MAC or a PC. I am using my T-Mobile Adroid phone. I got the Skype number so that people could call me without using up my T-mobile minutes. I have unlimited web and text but only 100 minutes per month. I got this this skype number Sep 6th and have never ever been able to complete even one single call to my Skype number. My T-mobile account is active.




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Any other recommendation besides the standard update? I always run the latest software version and it is not me trying to RECEIVE calls even though my privacy settings allow calls FROM anyone, but I am trying to give an OUTGOING call to a number I received but it says, "this call can not be completed because you are trying to reach a skype user." I'm using skype; I'm dialing the numbers with valid credit on the account and the same error occurs. Why does this error continue?


Hi, Fashion..., and welcome to the Community,


Please check the steps outlined in this FAQ article to see if any of the recommendations resolve:


One point to consider: if you are testing your Skype Number by calling it from Skype, the number would usually ring busy or you would receive the error message you hear.  Have you tested from a mobile or fixed line?  If you receive the same error message or a new error message, ask Skype Customer Service to check the number for you.  Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

If you experience difficulty reaching Skype Customer Service, try again using a different web browser and choosing a different path through the various drop-down menu options presented. Also, look to approve a pop-up dialogue box which would connect you to start an instant message chat with a customer service agent. If you have pop-ups blocked in your browser settings, this will also impede reaching an agent.  Skype is aware of problems with the website, and is working to resolve.  People are getting through, however not always on their first few attempts.





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