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text messages not sending

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A few weeks ago i bought some skype credit to text my girlfriend in Peru, from the UK (england). For the first week or so it worked fine, she would recieve the message very quickly, and the price was very reasonable. No problems.

But, suddenly it changed: i will send a message to the same number, which is correct, and the message will attempt to send, but it will fail, with the advice to check number coming up. I am at a loss; the number is correct, we used it for a week with no problems, she is recieveing texts from people (granted, in Peru) ok, and i can call her using my home phone. What is going on?

Possibly a related problem is that my mobile cannot text her either using normal credit. Anyone got any ideas?

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Yes. I have the same annoying problem! After many tries at sending SMS, I decided it's too much of an effort to try to sort out Skype SMS deficiency! I start to use other service providers. I've just tried to send a SMS and it's having the same problem.
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Same issue here, been able to send text messages for ages and now fails every time...

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Absolute waste of time, worse than useless. Skype cannot be relied on. The only thing you can be sure of is the sms will probably NOT work.


Why dont the Skype people actually fix this up and tell people there is a problem with the system. 

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I have same problem with sending a text message. My text says it’s sent but my friend in Russia hasn’t received it. But every time  skype have taken money off my account. I have l already lost 1 euro. And it´s not first time.

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Did anyone ever figure out how to send SMS text messages?  I receive the messages as text to landline, but I cannot send them.  Did I just sacrifice $10 for nothing?  Is there anyone that I can call if I have issues with figuring out things on my Skype account?  I appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide me.

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5:57:45 PM ozziewazza says,
I can make calls to mobiles but all of sudden text messages I send do not get thru

6:03:30 PM ozziewazza says,
I have been with Skype for a couple of years now and the principal use a make of Skype is to send text messages to mobile phones, because I can use my keyboard to type messages. This problem has only occurred during the last two weeks

* One and half hours later and referral to some one who can help*

Skype - 7:28:15 PM Cathyrine C. says,
I'm so sorry but in cases such as this, there is nothing we can do as the problem is not on our end. Please note that the SMS travels from us to the phone's provider and finally to the phone itself. If the providers reports to us that the SMS was sent, then the status of the SMS in Skype is delivered.

Sent: 20/06/2012 08:50:56 AM
To: "'Wholesale Mobile'"- Optus Australia
Subject: Incoming SMS via Skype - 0429394904

Hi Team,

MSN - 0429394904

I don't believe there is anything that we can do for this particular issue, customer is more looking for clarification to take back to Skype. But he is unable to receive Skype SMS messages, can receive standard SMS without any issue.

Skype has claimed that they are receiving the delivery confirmation message that the message has been received but nothing is being received to the mobile. I have confirmed with customer that other people that have been sent a Skype SMS are unable to receive the messages also, so is likely an issue with the Skype service.

Would you have any further feedback?

Example SMS - Sent via Skype on Monday 6pm.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Coughlan

Savvy Communications (Aust.) Pty Limited

From: Wholesale Mobile - Optus Australia
Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012 9:36 AM
Subject: RE: Incoming SMS via Skype - 0429394904

Good morning Matthew,

We have added SMS and also GPRS/Data on the customer's service. Skype has nothing to do with us and we in no way support SMS travelling over a third party platform.

***If the customer is not receiving the messages, he will need to follow up further with Skype.***


Wholesale Customer Service Optus Australia - Mobile

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I have been sending Text messages via Skype for years all over the world to different mobile - No trouble til yesterday - I have tried a few different mobiles in the UK and Australia and all it tells me is failed 'Try Again' When I tried again it says 'Try Again' you cannot talk to Skype so I am at a loss what to do.
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I have the latest version of skype. if i want to send a message (skype to skype) there is automatic english translation of my language. i want to remove this translation. i have tried all the versions of skype but its not working. How can i remove this translation. i want to keep my text in my own language. can some one tell me ???
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Do anyone have any suggestions as to how we can get Skype to accept responsibility for the problem and fix it?

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