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telephone key pad

first user trying to make a call and cannot make asimple call to europe
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Me either!! How do i get my skype key pad !!!
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Skype, I am getting tired each nite trying to get your system to work!!! The old system i never had any problems!!! I want this fixed, You told me to click on"my profile" It does not even show up to click!!! Just call me at [removed for privacy]  If you can'T get this rePairEd just rePairEd my money!!! doesn'T bother you that you have so many complaints on the same issue, don'T you think you have a hole in your instructions??????




Arthur groppe.

EDIT : title/message case changed.

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whair is key pad gone ??????????

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When you click on the skype Icon all your contacts should come up. Under your name says call phones. Click on that and the keypad comes up. If you are calling France for example go down the list to find the French flag and type in your number and hit enter. Your call should go through. Or if you are calling a contact on the list click on the name and that person information should appear on the screen. Pick how you want to call that person. Skype, Mobile or landline. Your choice.

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