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sms sender cell #

Novel Adventurer

FYI - for anyone that has wondered about


my query - 'There is a feature to allow the senders to show their own cell# when sending a Skype SMS.
I have had my number inserted, and reinserted, for months but many receivers of the message tell me that they get a diffferent #.. I just tested again on my own cell
and received a senders # of 23333.. It appears everyone receives a different number!!
please advise!'


their response - '

Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Service.


We are sorry to hear that your SMS sender ID is not being displayed correctly to the people where you send SMS messages. We would be happy to look into this for you.


Please understand that unfortunately, not all operators support sending your mobile number as your SMS sender identification.


If you can successfully verify your mobile number but your contact's number is provided by a local operator that does not support SMS sender ID, then the operator will overwrite your mobile number with a generic number or display "Unknown".


Also, please be aware that SMS sender ID will not be displayed when sending SMS messages to phones in the US. SMS sender ID is also not likely to be displayed when sending SMS messages to China, South Africa and Malaysia. This includes both Skype name and a validated mobile number.


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Thank you for posting this article.  I've been beating my head against a wall for several hours today and on and off over the past couple of years to try and find a solution to this problem.  And from the number of postings I've seen going back a couple of years, this questions comes up over and over again.


You would think that it would at least warrant a FAQ article!!!  Obviously Skype Support (if such an animals exists!) does not read these forums.


David Baril

Almonte ON (Canada)

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I have been having the same problem.   I tested the skype SMS to my own cell phone.  I do not want my cell phone number to appear, but rather my online Skype number.   No matter when I sent the SMS from either of my two computers at home or my Iphone, even from a different location so it was not being routed the same.   each time the same 5 digit number appears as the from.  


So everyone sending to my phone will generate the same 5 digit number?

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I am in the UK and have my cellphone on a Rogers plan from Canada with a 1 month upgrade to allow voice and outgoing sms and unlimited incoming sms.  I have tested this from skype on laptop in UK to the cellphone.  Message comes through but the sender phone number or id is 233-33 which seems to be a default.  So either Rogers or O2, the local provider, does not pass the id through.

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