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sms number verification

Casual Adventurer

When I try to setup my number in sms so recv. of my sms can return sms. The verification code is not sent to cell phone no matter how many times I try.


Is there another way to get code online maybe?


thanks for any help

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Former Staff

Unfortunately, we cannot set up SMS sender ID manually. A verification code is generated automatically and sent to the respective number.

SMS may fail due to the following reasons:


  • you mobile has no signal
  • temporary problems on the local operator's side
  • are your roaming? If yes, this can cause SMS to fail
  • ported your number to another provide? If yes, this can cause SMS to fail

In case last 2 - we do not guarantee SMS delivery.


If this is not your case - please kindly contact customer service and provide with your number provider name and they will assist you further.


However, please note that SMS sender ID is not supported in the US currently. It will not show your personal number. Nevertheless, your number will be shown as SMS sender ID if you send SMS to any other country.  

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Thank You!
Novel Tourist

I don't receive my verification codeon my mobile. Why? Can you send it via email?

Novel Tourist

I have the same issue, I cannot verify my mobile number. WTF?

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