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skype wifi hotspots list location needed

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Hi all,


I am trying to use the skype wifi access feature but all the hotspots that I though could work are not supported by skype. And I browse for all I though could help in this forum and always ended up in the same welcome site. .../allfeatures/skype-acess


some else even ask this same question and summed up in a way I laugh so hard, that I will repeat it. Because no one replay that question. So, where is the list of all location of hotspots that support the feature to connect using my skype credit. Because a million worldwide are not really much of a help.




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This might help:


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Thanks, but the article only lists the 8 newest access partners and does not provide a list of all the access partners.  Obvioiusly, Skype knows who these partners are, why not tell us customers so we can start giving you money to use the service?  

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Go here

Scroll down. There is a section "How much does it cost?". Enter country and you will get list of supported hotspots and prices
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Perfect, thank you! 

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I still don't see an answer here. It's nice to know the names of the wifi providers, but what I'm looking for is a map view that shows me where the hotspots are that I can use with skype in my region or in a region to which I will be traveling.


Truth be told, I can't figure out how knowing the names of the providers helps at all. I'm not inclined to use a service, or even pursue installation, when I don't know if I'll ever be anywhere near a qualifying hotspot.





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Valid request. We are working on that

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It's been 9 months now.  Are you still working on getting a map of locations for your skype wifi hotspots? at $0.14/minute ($8.40/hour) for Skype Wifi currently- it is more expensive than starbucks wifi but still nice to have more hotspots to know about.   
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It's been in development for a much shorter time.

When it's ready, I will create news topic.
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Still no list?
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