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skype toolbar

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I keep getting a skype toolbar has crashed bar near the top of the page. I use chrome with windows 7, 64 bit. It has been happening when I surf most places lately. how do I fix this?

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Community Manager
Try installing the latest Skype for Windows from - This should update the toolbar as well.

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See, I'm having the same problem. When I had the older version, on my control panel under "uninstall a program" skype and the skype toolbar were separate. I was able to uninstall the toolbar without uninstalling skype itself. Now I have the new version and I'm getting that "Skype Toolbar has crashed" bar. It usually only happens when I go to What should I do?
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I have the same problem a message that SKYPE toolbar has crashed coming up every time I do anything on the internet.  It feels like I am beeing hacked by SKYPE.  I never asked for the toolbar, and dont want it.  How can I get rid of this extremely annoying pop-up? 

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I don't want the skype toolbar. How do I stop it from trying to install? This is serious annoying. These kinds of things should not be automatic, it is an invasion of my personal space.
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Where do I download the outlook toolbar? I've the latest version Skype 6.2

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Please use this direct link to download the latest version of Skype Email Toolbar.


What is the Skype Email Toolbar and how does it work?

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