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skype on tv

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my new smart tv with skype app loaded will recognise my account but always says "temporary problem try again in a few minutes" has been like this for weeks. (it worked before that)

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I am having a similar issue.  I have a Sharp Aquos and up until a few weeks ago, Skype worked fine.  Now, it won't load the app.  I just get an error saying "Not Ready, try again"  My firmware is up to date and the network connection is good as all other online apps will run.  I'm still trying to figure out how to reinstall the app as I hope that cures it.  Any suggestions?

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This seems to be a common problem. Since you have a different tv to me (panasonic) it points to a skype problem rather than the tv. How do we get skype to address the issue?

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I don't think it is a common problem as there are many other TVs able to login. Mine works fine.

Remember that the Skype app should be supported by the TV manufacturer - have you tried contacting them first?



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I spoke with Sharp today.  They told me that ever since the last update, they have had many calls about skype nolonger connecting and have also found out that this applies to many makes of TV's.  In short, they said it's a problem with Skype.  They said that if I reset my TV to factory settings that it skype would work but as soon as my TV started reloading updates, the same thing would happen.


Anyone else had any luck or better news?  I hate that I've bought an expensive camera just to use on my TV and now it's little more than an ornament.  

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I guess it's a problem with the latest update on Sharp smart TVs. I got a 70" sharp tv (LC-70LE650U) and a FreeTalk webcam. Everything had been working like a charm for ~6 months until recently and then it starts saying 'Not ready yet. Try later.' on Skype app launch (on TV). As other apps on TV such as YouTube work just fine I guess this is something wrong with Skype app only. I think I started experiencing this problem after the latest Sharp TV software (firmware/apps) update but can't be sure as I use Skype on TV ~once a week.


Question: Do I need to work with TV manufacturer (Sharp) in this case or with Skype to resolve this issue?


p.s. Does Skype even require to test Skype app or involve Skype in testing before OEMs like Sharp release updates? Customer experience is just awful - everything worked fine before, now everythign else still works fine but Skype (on TV) and you don't know what to do and who to ask. You go to Skype and Skype suggests to talk to Sharp, you go to Sharp and... - you know the rest.

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what webcam works on a Toshiba TV 40L7363 ?



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I'm having the exact same problem. Were you able to resolve this issue? 

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I haven't had any success.   At this point I'm ready to send an invoice to Skype for the $200 camera I bought strictly to use with Skype on my TV.  It's little more than a decoration now and if I spend that much on art, I would prefer something more my taste than something that looks like a webcam,  All I can add is that it's sure easy to see that microsoft now owns Skype because the customer service has vanished. 

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having connecting to the Skype application on your Sharp TV. We have contacted the engineering team at Sharp who are responsible for the Skype application and asked them to investigate. I'll come back with an update as soon as I have more information. 

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